About Us

Dr. Candace Drummond has a mission to improve the occupational and mental health of moms and mompreneurs everywhere, featuring services offered by the AViD Intellectual, Inc. and her Momscapades brand. As a long-time mental health and psychological services provider, she is uniquely aware of the self-care and financial challenges that push most moms and mompreneurs to burn out. She founded AViD Intellectual, Inc. to help other providers expand the comprehensiveness of their service provision, earn more money, attract and retain more patients, and protect their investment, all while working less. She then created the Momscapades brand to share all she had learned about creating a good work-life balance, finding time for herself to pursue her passions, and sorting out her priorities to spend more time with her family.

Dr. Candace uses her brand to Empower, Teach, Increase and Develop any mompreneur she encounters. She has taught small business owners how to increase their bottom line and empowered them to better serve their communities. She has increased access to psychological and mental health services in several underserved communities and developed lasting relationships with established and respected medical practices.

As a Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she can conceptualize even the most complex cases and provide strategic planning to best assess, evaluate and treat various mental health maladies. As a Licensed Insurance Agent she can help mompreneurs plan for the future while building wealth for future generations. As a Registered Tax Return Preparer, she can help you understand the benefits of business ownership and guide you to the best corporate structures for your goals. Finally, as a mom, she can better understand your unique needs and help you to create the work-life balance you need.

She is a dynamic Leader, Public Speaker, Licensed Insurance Agent, Mental Health expert, Financial Planner, Strategic Planning expert for doctors and therapists, Avid Traveler, and Founder of the Momscapades brand, a unique online e-commerce experience for all things mompreneur, including mommy me-time, self-care, retail therapy, parenting classes, and much more.

She has been featured in the Miami Times newspaper and VoyageMIA magazine.

Dr. Candace completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biology from the University of Miami, a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, and a Master and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Albizu University. She is trained in tax return preparation, financial planning, business insurance, and annuities. Her businesses AViD Intellectual and Momscapades are 100% Woman-owned & Black-owned businesses.

Her journey into strategic planning began in 2018 when she realized that several private practice practitioners were not well prepared for the business aspects of running a practice. She also noticed that referrals were difficult and seldom effectively utilized for a variety of reasons, leading to lower quality of diagnosis and care in mental health. Finally, she noticed that these private practice practitioners were almost always overworked and burnt out, finding it impossible to take time off or step away from their practices for any length of time. She thoroughly enjoyed being a new mother and did not want to suffer the same pitfalls. Using her interdisciplinary skills, she began helping other practitioners do the same.

Through developing her own process and seeing how it expanded her freedom, she wanted to help other mompreneurs experience that same expansion of growth and freedom of time. That birthed Momscapades.

To date, Dr. Candace has spoken around the state of Florida on the stages for organizations such as the Black Professional Network and the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce to business professionals, entrepreneurs, doctors, and leaders. Her innovative process has gotten incredible interest and yielded financial gains for all who partner.

As an avid traveler, Dr. Candace never wanted her travels to be limited due to lack of time, being tethered to a schedule, or an inability to bring her daughter along. A future plan for Momcapades will include providing vacation package options designed for single moms, that include 7 days in a tropical getaway, all-inclusive food and beverages, non-powered watersports, and get this, your option of 8, 12, or 24 hours of daily on-site, pre-screened childcare. Your children are with you (only as much as you want), and you can rest easy knowing they are on the safe, secure property, eating someone else out of house and home, and you can finally sleep in, get that message, or jet ski as you’ve always wanted to.

In 2019 alone, Dr. Candace and her daughter traveled to Dubai, Jamaica, Alvor, and Lisbon, Portugal. Since her daughter’s birth in 2016, they’ve traveled to New York, the Bahamas Atlantis, Jamaica three times, and Indianapolis three times. They relocated to the beaches of Ocho Rios, Jamaica during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Momscapades will help find and coordinate on-site childcare, day or night, to allow Dr. Candace the break single moms rarely get.

Start planning your perfect vacation today on Momscapades own travel booking site Momscapades Travel.

Dr. Candace has been a dedicated volunteer for various agencies throughout the years, including training and proving Disaster Mental Health with the Salvation Army, serving as program coordinator, and finally Executive Director (volunteer) for the Miami branch of the National nonprofit StandUp for Kids. She has also been a committed volunteer with the Black Professional Network from 2018 to 2020, serving as a volunteer program coordinator directed at improving the work-life balance of young entrepreneurs.

She continues to grow and improve her vision for better financial and mental health for all and continues taking classes in financial planning and strategic management.