Are you a mom dealing with burnout? Are you struggling to find balance in your life while also trying to be the best mom possible? If so, Dr. Candace Drummond can help you make a change. As an experienced clinical psychologist, mental health counselor, and fellow mom, she understands the unique hardships brought on by motherhood but also knows how to overcome them. Through her MomScapades brand and courses, she’ll help you learn to live life to the fullest. Read on to learn how, then contact her for a consultation with the best life coach for moms in Florida.


If you're a mom, you know the importance of me-time. You need time to relax and rejuvenate so that you can take care of your family in the best way possible. But sometimes, it can be tough to get your child to cooperate — they may want you to play with them or they may not understand why you need some time for yourself. In this blog post from life coach Dr. Candace Drummond and Avid Intellectual, we will discuss how to make the most of this important time for yourself by getting your child to cooperate!

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As a mother, you naturally want to do everything possible to ensure your child has everything he or she needs to be successful. But in the midst of your busy schedule, it’s easy to feel burnout and as if you’re losing control; it can be difficult to ensure you’re providing your child with one of the most important resources: an energized mother. Dr. Candace Drummond with Avid Intellectual is one of the best life coaches for moms in Florida; she is helping women across the country make much-needed time for self-care with her easy Momscapades online course, designed to help them care for themselves as well as...

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